You can’t solve any problem from the

Same level of consciousness that created it.


Hi, I'm Daniel - Thanks so much for your interest in my being.


Nutshell. Ready, set, go.... I stand tall on first-principle bedrock. Nature is my sanctuary and the mountains are my home. I love to dance, albeit erratically. I take pride in flipping scripts, stirring pots, and rousing ruckuses as an applied philosopher, born-again creative, and ever-evolving spiritual beacon. I admire a properly good story, especially when it's told around a roaring campfire. I tend to talk a lot, because I know that a voice is what I was born to bring. The more I surrender, the more I allow, the more I receive, the more I give.

I offer my all to liberating the world into the deepest possible Truth, Love, and Openness.... Perhaps you do too?



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Daniel Kern
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