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Everyone has a first awakening domino. Many die without ever toppling it. I waited 26 years before poking mine. It was an offhand suggestion from my Mom to battle psyche-ravaging insomnia. “Have you ever tried meditating?” No, I had not. Desperation edged skepticism, so I downloaded Headspace and dropped in for the first time. 

I'd competed in the wealth & status marathon up to that point. I raced the rats full sprint by consuming, grinding, experiencing, posting, and manning-up with reckless abandon. I pushed growth for big technology brands through the ad platforms of tech giants. Societal validators kept me on track until stress jeopardized my health. On the brink of collapse, insomnia got my full attention. Meditation came to the rescue. Literally it helped me fall asleep...more importantly, it compelled me to wake up. 

More dominoes fell thereafter. Improved sleep energized my work - I earned seniority and goodwill at the agency. Mindfulness opened my eyes to a next dimensional game and playbook - I gained confidence to pioneer my life. All roads converged on a fateful bench in Golden Gate Park, where I decided to send it on a world travel tour. 8 months later, I touched down in Cape Town.

I left the American hustle behind and th. I day-dreamt in beautiful city parks and peaced-out on hiking trails. I covered new ground along coastal bike lanes and gained perspective under the stars. The walls of my Western reality castle fell, one domino at a time.

Traveling solo allowed me to follow every curiosity sans limitation. Oh the dominos that followed... a cascade of synchronicity that culminated at a meditation retreat in the Colombian rainforest over Christmas. As I bid farewell to the guru, he took me by the arm and urged me to, “go find others like you, gather them, spread and celebrate the wisdom that I sense you’ve acquired.” Boom, just like that… hello, life's calling. I quit my job the day after New Years to start building an urban landing pad for all who lead life from their heart to call home. Beacon was born.

My mission is clear: Elevate Western consciousness through cultural revolution. Not only to spread the wellbeing benefits, but to sustain all that we hold most dear. Natural beauty, free thought, our coastlines, deep connection, usefulness... all are endangered in an unconscious world. From first to last dominos, we must accelerate the Great Awakening. It marks the calling of our generation, the climax of human history. GAME ON. 

Be assured, I know most people don’t have the fortune of finding purpose in exotic jungles… nor can most unplug for 3 years on a global adventure... nor can our world handle those carbon emissions. I’m grateful for my privilege and vow to use the fruits of my journey to support awakening locally. 


I don’t mean to put myself on a self-righteous pedestal… but I’m sure as hell a more positive influence on the world now than I was as an unconscious thorn in its side. All of us have the capacity for transformation in our hearts.

Thank you for your interest in my projects and story. Perhaps you're on a similar truth journey - thrive on, my friend. No matter what brought you here, I hope we'll have the chance to learn, celebrate, collaborate, or all the above together. Godspeed.

Love, Daniel

September 16, 2019