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Community Design


I'm growing a multi-city community collective from the ground up. Beacon showcases de-centralized leadership, a bonding purpose, self-organizing structure, business objectives, impact measurement, and more.

Work with me:

Building your own intentional community? Or at least considering it? I'm here to discuss any all elements of its formation with you. We'll start with a discovery call to identify the objectives and essence of your unifying vision.

Gathering Design


Gathering is a central pillar of my life - I understand its intricacies. Beacon is a sandbox for gathering exploration in the settings I value most. Retreats, nature immersion, shared meals, problem solving, celebrations, deep inquiry.

Work with me:

My network of partner properties, thought leaders, mindful guides, and more can work for you. Let's discuss how your next gathering, professional or personal, will be an success... Intentionally designed for the outcome you value and the experience your participants deserve.

Flowheel Workshops


I specialize in Flowheel building workshops for personal and team growth. Past audiences include corporate teams, wellness groups, co-working communities, and pals in a variety of settings. Flowheel unleash the power of compounding cycles to create momentum that is, eventually, self accelerating.

Work with me:

Plug me in to your programming/events schedule for a tailored workshop experience. I prefer to work with small groups of 4-10 people, as this is the ideal format for collective inquiry. Please contact me to chat objectives and logistics.

Writing & Content


Original content, guest posts, copywriting, and storytelling. You name it, I write it. I dig deep to tell raw and empowering truth. My specialty is metaphorical short story development to capture the power of simplified essence. Please see the Writing section for a selection of my work. 

Work with me:

I'm here to help tell TRUE stories. You may involve me from square one. You may want my hands on the keyboard. Regardless of how well formed your content idea is, I'm ready to contribute to its creation. Contact me for an exploratory discussion about the purpose of the story you wish to tell.



My professional speaking experience includes a range of keynotes, panels, event toasts, and educational presentations. I honed my skills on the circuit as a marketing expert for 3 years. Pair this experience with more passion-fueled content and I now feel at home on stages of any size or function. 

Work with me:

I cover hot topics ranging from modern masculinity, to mindfulness in the workplace, to fulfilling human potential, to creating conscious cities. Help me understand your event's objectives so we may explore collaboration opps.


How I Roll

My engagement terms are flexible - They depend on the client, budget, project objectives, timing, and partnership potential. I don't let fees suffocate progress. 

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