Dan Kern

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Our Mission

Create the Heartful living experience of our collective dreams. 


A Heartful community

Accountability "Packs"


Resource sharing


City-wide partnerships

Diverse & repurposed

Collaboration commons 

Self-expression sanctuaries


Local events

Nature retreats

Co-working circles

Collective-led meetups


Original ​stories & perspective

Development workshops

Events & podcast

Community design

The Heart-led cultural revolution is surging...
The Den unites its leaders, welcomes its newcomers, and amplifies its radical energy.

Enough of the overthinking Mind...

We lead from the loving Heart

Heartful Being is a bedrock lifestyle

We embrace this beacon of shared knowing to trade language barriers for limitless communion

"If you are going to wake up, you have to wake up together.
Never has that been more true than now" 
Joanna Macy




Our collective agrees that if we do not embody Heartful Being, we will lose the beauty of our souls and the planet. Without Beacon, without a supportive group of brothers & sisters who are motivated by the same mission and ethos, we cannot go far.



  • Packs consist of 6-8 members who invest in each other’s holistic growth 

  • Packs are formed around a unifying passion, field, or directive

  • Applications support maximum commitment and diversity in each Pack

  • The Den offers resources for Pack-led initiatives

  • Members commit to a 12-month bespoke program designed to foster support and collaboration

The strength of the Pack is the wolf...
and the strength of the wolf is the Pack.
Interested? We'll keep you in the loop...